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Bataung Memorials is Africa’s leading tombstone, plaque, statues and monuments manufacturer.


Bataung Memorials is Africa’s leading tombstone, plaque, statues and monuments manufacturer. The company has crafted tombstones for thousands of people across Africa, including many of South Africa’s most prominent citizens. These include Nelson Mandela, Baby Jake Matlala and Mduduzi “Mandoza” Tshabalala. Bataung Memorials has also designed and Manufactured statues of Thabo Mbeki, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bishop Tutu and other living dignitaries. The culture of most South Africans involves the erection of tombstones upon death as a way of showing respect for their deceased.

Observing cultural norms in this regard is affordable for some, but for many others, financial constraints mean that purchasing a tombstone would put them in debt for years. Bataung Memorials’ tombstone prices range from R2000 to R1 000 000 (Tailor Made), providing feasible options for both ends of the economic spectrum.Since the establishment of Bataung Memorials in 2004, the company has developed a track record of exceeding its customers’ expectations. This has given the company a reputation as a reliable, service-driven entity.


As a result, customers are fully confident that Bataung Memorials will create tombstones that will honour the memory of their deceased loved ones.Bataung Memorials also provides a number of value-added services. These include graveside dressing, ongoing gravesite care, floral arrangements, catering, marquees, chairs, tables, luxury mobile restrooms car hire, chauffeurs, stationery and more. Additionally, its sister company, Bataung Financial Services, provides funeral plans that offer excellent value for money.

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