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Bataung Memorials is Africa’s leading tombstone, plaque, statues and monuments manufacturer.


Bataung Memorials GraveCare is a specialist grave and memorial tending service, providing caring maintenance to the final resting place of your loved ones, across Gauteng Province. We provide a range of high class services, including upkeep of graves and plots, planting of seasonal bulbs and plants, flower displays and memorial refurbishment and have customers from within Gauteng at the moment. So whether you are just too far away, find it difficult to manage the work, or simply find visiting too emotional, we can help you in the knowledge that the work will be conducted with both care and dignity.

We know how important it is to you that your loved one’s final resting place is cared for, in a dignified and respectful manner. We also aware that sometimes it’s not possible for you to visit the grave, maybe due to your age, or the distance, or simply because of the demands and stresses of your lifestyle. This means, that too often graves become untidy with overgrown shrubs and tombstones collect amassing dirt and in some cases even getting damaged. So if you find it difficult to visit as often as you would like, you can take comfort in the knowledge that the grave of your loved one is being cared for and maintained by Batung GraveCare in the dignified manner that their memories deserve.

We have a range of services to meet your needs. This includes extras such as catering for special visits on yoiur behalf. This can be a birthday or anniversary. It is entirely up to you to inform us of your requirements. Bataung GraveCare works within the guidelines set out by cemetery regulations.


– Each visit by one of our specialist grave carers includes the following general maintenance:
– Trimming of grass around headstone and edge of plot
– Removal of weeds
– Removal of all debris (old flowers, plants and other litter)
– Washing of memorial pot liners
– Cleaning of headstone/memorial (this can cost from R1000 or more, if conducted by a qualified stone mason).


You may wish to ensure that the grave is looking at its best and at an additional cost we can provide a choice of freshly cut flowers which our specialist grave carers will hand deliver to your loved ones final resting place. The cost of this service starts at just R150 per month or R1500 per annum. (Excluding the cost of the flowers).


Our specialist grave carers will be pleased to plant out the grave with seasonal bedding plants or bulbs at any of your chosen tendings for an additional cost of just R250 per visit or R2500 per 12 visits (including the cost of bulbs and/or plants).


We take a digital photograph which we will e-mail or post to you. This enables you to visually

inspect the work that we have carried out, and to see the difference the visit on your behalf has made.


If we believe that the memorial or kerb edging requires some repairs and/or additional maintenance, we will provide you with detailed photographs and a written report. We can also provide you with a ‘no obligation’ quotation on any work that needs completing at subsequent visits, including the replacement of old or ‘lost’ grave vases, the renewal of stone/pebble/slate chippings, or any turfing or top soil work. A specialist monumental mason would carry out any repairs that may be necessary to the memorial or the inscription.


If you can provide us with the grave location number, we can easily find the location. But don’t worry if you don’t have this, we can locate it for you for a once off fee of just R150.


You can choose to have your tendings carried out around special dates of your choice, maybe a birthday or anniversary.


A 10% discount is offered if one or more additional plots are tended at the same location. A further 5% discount is offered towards any future works undertaken if you can recommend a friend or relative to us who chooses to book one of our SeasonCare, SeasonCare Plus or MonthlyCare tending plans.

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